Set on the right bank of river Temo, Bosa is an ancient town of the Planargia. Its core was founded in 1112 by the noble Malaspina family. Its modern parts expand down the Serravalle hill and reach the sea.

The ancient Bosa was a municipium with its own magistrates, as attested by tombs, inscriptions and ancient remains found in the Church of San Antonio Extramuros. Tolemeo has written in the «Itineraria» that it had been founded by Carthaginians, but in the Planargia there are nuraghe and prehistoric tombs as well.

Under the Romans, the town flourished and became prosperous port, trading with Turris Libyssonis (Porto Torres) to the North and with Harros and Còrnus to the South. During the middle-age it was with Oristano one of the major landing places. At that time the Serravalle castle was built, one of the best kept in the whole island. In 1308 it was given to the Judges of Arborea. Its name is Serravalle because it closed from the sea the access to the valley. The town and the Planargia area were given in fief by the king of Aragona to Giovanni Villamarina.

Amongst the monuments of the town you can find the Church of Saint Anthony (15th century) in aragonese-gothic style, the church of the Rosary, with its protruding clock, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, with picturesque domes and the great bell tower, built in the 12th century and rebuilt in 1806 by the architect Salvatore Are. On the hill, within the Serravalle Castle is located the Church of Sos Regnos Altos, built in the 15th century. Leonardo Agnol, defeated at Macomer, sought refuge here. Outside the town you can find the coast and the beaches, but also the Torre Argentina and the church of S.Pietro Extramuros, built near the Temo river in 1073.

Its surroundings

Bosa’s surroundings are rich with relics of the nuragic civilization. You can also find the nuraghes near Macomer, the Nuraghe Losa near Abbasanta or the nuraghe of Torralba on the way to Sassari. It is of great interest the Phoenician archeological area of Tharros a Cabras, near Oristano.

At 50 km from Bosa Marina, leaving the street to Oristano, you can find the golf course Is Arenas, one of the most beautiful course in Mediterranean sea.

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